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  • Why choose zirconia blocks to make dentures?

    Nowadays, metal porcelain teeth have been gradually eliminated. The disadvantages of metal porcelain teeth have already appeared. Although it is not easy to cause discoloration, the color inside is black, so it will also appear cyan under special light irradiation. If it is a person who has high ...
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  • The Advantages for Yucera 5 axis dental CAD CAM milling machine

    The Advantages for Yucera 5 axis dental CAD CAM milling machine

    Located in Shenzhen special economic zone, Shenzhen Yurucheng Dental Material Co., LTD is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in developing, manufacturing and marketing of Dental equipment and materials. Yurucheng Cherish principles of technology innovation and people-oriented, concentrating...
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  • Why traditional dental materials give way to zirconia blocks?

    Among all kinds of denture restoration materials, all-ceramic zirconia teeth have excellent performance and good prospects for future development. The most widely used denture crown restoration materials in clinical use are mainly divided into porcelain and all-ceramic. All-ceramic zirconia teet...
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  • 3D Plus Multilayer zirconia block, true bionic aesthetics dental zirconia materials

    1.6-layer stacking, 11 layer shades gradient, natural transition, as if Mother Nature created 2.16 preshades and 3 blench white, which fully meet the demands of dental laboratory 3.Multilayer gradient translucency from 57% to 43%, totally transparent and genuine like our nature teeth 4.Strong b...
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  • Advantage of Yucera New Design Seperated 5 Axis Dental Milling Machine

    Shenzhen Yucera Dental Material Co., LTD is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in developing, manufacturing and marketing of Dental Zirconia Ceramic Block, corresponding CAD/CAM equipment, and other related dental products. As professional laboratory materials supplier, we can provide digit...
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  • Awesome 5-axis milling dental machine developed by Yucera researchers

    Medical devices 2021: market opportunities for 5 Axis dental milling machine prostheses, orthotics and audiology equipment After 2 years of design and development,more than 100 labs tested, Yucera separation of mechanical and electrical control get unanimous praise 1. Horizontal processing-speed...
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  • Stable while improving, China’s zirconia block economy will move forward firmly in the ups and downs

        On October 18, China’s economic performance report card for the third quarter of 2021 was released. According to Fu Linghui, spokesperson of the National Bureau of Statistics and Director of the General Statistics Department of the National Economy, preliminary calculations show that th...
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  • The market size of zirconia-based dental materials will reach 364.3 million U.S. dollars by 2028

         According to a new report  by Yucera marketing dept. and Chinese oral reaching agency that the global zirconia dental material market is expected to reach 364.3 million U.S. dollars by 2028. The market of dental zirconia materials is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.8%...
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  • Yucera Dental CADCAM Digital Design Course

    Ever since the concept of CADCAM digital dental was introduced, many of our zirconia block dental laboratory customers who requested to update CAD design in the background have never stopped. As the top three manufacturer of dental zirconia ceramic blocks, Yucera today b...
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  • Operating Instructions for Yucera Dyeing Solution | Video Guide Dyeing Solutions (Zircpnia Coloring Liquid)  1. Simple and fast operate process 1minute dipping 2. Stable color result 3. Using with Yucera zirconia block have perfect effect 4. Penetration can reach 1.5mm color will not be ...
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  • What is Zirconia Block?

    What is Zirconia Block?

    As we all know there are three types materials used for dental restorations: zirconia block material and metal material. Zirconium oxide occurs as monoclinic, tetragonal and cubic crystal forms. Densely sintered parts can be manufactured as cubic and/or tetragonal crystal forms. In order to stabi...
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  • Dental Zirconia Block Material

    Dental Zirconia Block Material

    Not all commercially available zirconia powders are the same. Differences between products in grain size and additives greatly control the zirconia block material’s strength, long-term stability, and translucency. 1. Furthermore, the varying processes by which dental zir...
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